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EKG of the Week #58

EMS 12-lead transmit:

“56-year-old man with chest discomfort and SOB”
Would you call a STEMI alert?

EKG of the Week #57

What is the etiology of the early beats seen here? And why?

EKG of the Week #56

26-year-old woman presents with generalized weakness.
PMH: SLE, ESRD with hemodialysis; she denies missing dialysis

EKG of the Week #55

Is this a STEMI?
Is there another explanation for ST and T-wave changes seen

EKG of the Week #54

50-year-old man complains of palpitations.

EKG of the Week #53

48-year-old man with palpitations and lightheadedness.

EKG of the Week #52

What is the rhythm of this routine EKG?

EKG of the Week #51

60-year-old woman after an upsetting argument with her daughter. List at least three things that can look like this.

EKG of the Week #50

40-year-old woman with palpitations earlier this day.

EKG of the Week #49

58-year-old woman with COPD presents with a cough and darker sputum for 1 week. EKG read as atrial fib. What do you think?